More play dough

Same recipe, different colors. I made a bunch of play dough for an event, the perfect opportunity to try new colors.

Previously I had used McCormick brand food coloring; this time I used up the last of the green and started on a store brand with a different formulation which made me realize the colors probably depend on brand as well. Oops.

Top left was supposed to be “raspberry” according to McCormick recipe, but I used the store brand colors and it was a pretty muddy color. Vaguely like the color of black raspberry ice cream maybe. Made with 34 drops red and 6 blue.

Top right was an attractive red color: not quite red but definitely not pink. 20 drops red.

Middle left was 20 blue 5 green, mostly because I had a lot of green.

Middle right was 10 red, 20 yellow, a very attractive color in the orange range (but not really a true orange).

Bottom left was 30 drops of green, and I actually made two batches: one that was some of each green and the other was all store brand (because I had a LOT of green). The two batches were not distinguishable.

Bottom right: 25 drops yellow. A very nice yellow.

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